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東方美人茶為台灣最特殊之名茶,全世界僅台灣產製,原料採自受茶小綠葉蟬吸食之幼嫩芽,使茶葉產生獨特的蜜糖香或熟果香,主要生產於竹縣北埔 峨眉及台北縣坪林石碇一帶,以芽尖帶白毫愈多愈高級而得名。



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Handmade pineapple cakes
Top quality oriental beauty tea
Top quality oriental beauty tea

Pineapple cakes go hand in hand with the oriental beauty tea.
The oriental beauty tea is most unique, as it is only produced in Taiwan. The raw material is the very fresh leaf sprouts that are enjoyed by the tea leaf hopper (Jacobiasca formosana), which will sprinkle an unique honey or fruity flavor to the tea leaves. The oriental beauty tea is produced primarily from the Beipu, Emei township of Hsinchu County and Pinglin, Shihding townships of Taipei County. It is graded based on the amount of white tip on the leaf sprouts and the more it has, the better quality it is.


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